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Minecraft Carpenter's Blocks Mod 1.8 chetan




Created by minecraft123/Carpenter's Blocks Mod. Carpenter's Blocks Mod 1.7.10 - Recipe: 1) download mod 2) put them all in one folder 3) start mc 4) run the file "Carpenter's Blocks mod.jar" The mod has a ton of additional features: - Skeletons now come in four sizes (as standard) and can be re-equipped with a cost. - Repair can now be done at any level. - Empty spaces between blocks can now be filled with sand, dirt, glass, and even stone. - There's a "gutter" you can use to fill empty spaces around glass blocks, etc. - "Sandstone" blocks are available. It's sandstone, but can be carved/sandblasted etc. - Dark or light bricks can be used - You can build houses. You can find a screenshot with a list of what blocks are available here Requirements: - Java 8 - Forge - Modloader (If you're not using a launcher, you'll need it) Logs: Unstable 1.10.2 - No, but you can edit the file to create a new empty build. Bugfix 1.10.2 - No, just play with the mod. Bugfix 1.9.10 - Fix: Blocks should be restored properly if you're re-creating the world. Bugfix 1.9.9 - Fix: Zombies spawned by ghasts and ghasts spawned by zombies can now be repaired. Bugfix 1.9.8 - Fix: Ghast and ghast spawning added by components/mod. Bugfix 1.9.7 - Fix: "Carpenter's Blocks" didn't regenerate the block after time passed. Bugfix 1.9.6 - Fix: Zombies and ghasts spawned by components/mod didn't spawn at a certain depth. Bugfix 1.9.5 - Fix: "Carpenter's Blocks" didn't regenerate the block if you clicked it. Bugfix 1.9.4 - Fix: Mobs spawned by components/mod would spawn in a weird place. Bugfix 1.9.3 - Fix: The horse carriages mod wouldn't load. Bugfix 1.9.2 - Fix:





Minecraft Carpenter's Blocks Mod 1.8 chetan

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