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A: The latest version of Google Chrome for Windows seems to have a bug: it opens the links you get in a tab and then immediately closes it without giving you the opportunity to read the content. I recommend using other browsers, such as Firefox or IE. PENNSYLVANIA – The first dress code in the history of karate – specifically designed for karate – was developed in 1960 by Master Kancho Takamatsu (1906-1985), the first chief instructor for the Japan Karate Association. “In the beginning, we wanted the karate karate to become the most basic martial art of Japan,” said Takamatsu “So we had to create rules on our way to developing karate. At that time, in the minds of some people karate was nothing but the traditional Japanese weapons. “Those people in the government wanted us to pass the test of modern weapons, but we were not ready for it. So we created our own dress code.” “The Japanese government and corporations followed suit. They banned modern dress so we became the first organized body of karate. We wanted to have the rule for dress code. This way, only one of the karate can be taken in by a person.” “Our karate was lost in Japan for a very long time.” Takamatsu was initially reluctant to allow this creation to go forward, but his son, Genshu Takamatsu said, “It was time for karate to become a martial art. Our karate has to be more than a traditional Japanese martial art.” Genshu and his son, Masutatsu Takamatsu (the founder of Shotokan karate), argued against the idea of having a dress code. They felt that we, as a martial art, should not be limited by regulations. “But when they threatened to withdraw all of their support if we didn’t have a dress code, we had no choice but to give in,” Takamatsu said. “In Japan, we never gave in without a fight. We have never been defeated, so we had no choice but to

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Juzammalatindanterjemahannyapdffree winwea

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